to Washington,
Tyne Wear, England
Many people, like myself, no longer live in Washington. We grew up there but for all sorts of
reasons we left the town. In my case I came to live in Adelaide, Australia. Our memories, however,
never leave us and there is always the pull to return. Washington is in our blood. This web page is
dedicated to all of the people of Washington, home and away, past and present.
(Yes, I was Audrey Hall before I married,                                           Audrey Fletcher 2021
and yes, my dad was an apprentice instructor
for the NCB at Dame Margaret's Home.)
Copyright Audrey Fletcher
from 1983 onwards

All  rights reserved

Updated 2021

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The Washington Old Hall
The ancestral home of George Washington
American Independence Day
Celebrations 2002 at the
Washington Old Hall
Washington Family Genealogy     
Traces the royal ancestry of the
Washington Family from 439AD
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some of my other web pages listed below
Ancient Egyptians
and the Constellations
This is my most popular website.
It attracted 1.5
million hits in 2012
My mam, Blanche Hullyer who married Joe Hall.
She is pictured here on her 88th birthday: May 4th 2006
in Adelaide, South Australia.
The Mallory Family and the
Virginia Connection
Traces the connection of the
Mallory and other local
Durham families with the
settlement of Virginia
Lords of Washington Manor       
An overview of the Tempest,
Mallory and Blakiston Families.
John Stowell's Guided Tour of
the Washington Village Church

Sadly, John Stowell passed away
on 17th January 2013, aged 85.
He will be greatly missed.
By Audrey Fletcher

Updated 2021

This web page is dedicated to
my son, Lynton Alan Fletcher,
who died peacefully at home
on a sunny Sunday morning in
Adelaide, on 23rd September
2007, aged only 31 years.

"Stand tall before God"
The Wreken Dyke
Ground breaking new research into
the esoteric purpose of Roman Roads
in Great Britain
The Lords of Biddick
Traces the genealogy of the Biddick and
Sanderson families. Includes the origin
of the name "Biddick" and also some
information about Cooks Hall.
Shadens Hill
Traces the history of
Shadens Hill from the
Stone Age to the present
Washington Glebe Pit
Includes lots of information and pictures
of the 1908 Disaster
John Stowell's Guided Tour
of the Village Church
Bryan Ferry: A Washington Lad
My Cambridgeshire
Web Pages
I was born at Washington, as was my Mam, Blanche Hullyer. However her dad, William Richard Hullyer was
born at Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire. Also, my Mam's maternal grandfather was born at Stapleford in
Cambridgeshire. In Nov 2018 I discovered that her grandfather and her dad were 2nd cousins.
The Hullyer Family of Cambridgeshire

A pictorial history of my Hullyer family of
Cambridgeshire and Washington
The Pirates of Penzance
Washington Grammar School
Production 1938
My Washington Web Pages
Blackham Hill
An investigation into the
burial site of an
Anglo-Saxon Warrior Chief
Worm Hill
An exploration of Worm Hill and its
relationship to the spiritual landscape.
Includes "The Legend of the Lambton
Worm" decoded, and my latest discoveries of
Prehistoric Circles at Mount Pleasant and of
a possible Roman Settlement at Fatfield.
Cist Burials at Fatfield
An account of the discovery
of Early Bronze Age cist
burials at Fatfield in 190
An archaeological history which includes
previosly undiscovered Prehistoric Circular
Enclosures, and also a Roman Fort and Vicus
The Glebe School 1950
Recollections by John Hall
The Glebe School 1940s
Recollections by John Hall
The Glebe School 1930
Blanche Hullyer recalls school at
the time of the Great Depression
Identifying casualties of World War I from
Washington, Usworth and Harraton
Washington B&W          
Old black and white photos
of Washington
Updated August 2014
Harry Letch 1906-1970
A Tribute to a local historian
from Birtley
Updated November 2014
Updated June 2019
Updated November 2014
Updated November 2014
Updated March 2016
The Biddick School
Nostalgic Photos
New! New! New!
Updated March 2016
Roman Occupation at Washington
Explores the Roman presence with
reference to the relationship with
Concangis at Chester-le-Street
Updated March 2016
Updated April 2018
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Maynard Wardle Hall
Dedicated to my Dad's brother who
died in Sicily on 14 July 1943.
Includes his poem "El Alamein"
Updated September 2016
New! New! New!
Updated April 2017
Updated April 2017
Updated April 2017
Updated May 2017
Updated May 2017
Hello everybody,

I am in the process of making videos from some of my web pages.
The first eight listed here are about Ancient Egypt
the next nine are about WASHINGTON
and my latest is The Ghost of Glencoe, a photo I took in 1999.

Click on the photos below to view the videos.

Part 1 ... The Celestial Sphinx is
the Blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza
Click on the photos
to view the videos
Part 3 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
Creation of Heaven on Earth
Part 4 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
The Face of God
Part 5 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
How Old is the Sphinx?
Part 6 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
How Old are the Pyramids?
Part 7 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
Precession of the Equinoxes
Part 8 ... The Celestial Sphinx:
The Standard of the Bull
Part 2 ... The Celestial Sphinx
Creation of the Heavens
The Mystery of the Anglo-Saxon
Doorway at Washington Village
Washington Village and the Original
Washington Grammar School
Fatfield Bridge on the River Wear
George Washington and
The Washington Old Hall
The Legend of the
Lambton Worm
The Washington Village Church
from Anglo-Saxon Times
Brugeford Chapel
near Picktree