Problems Publishing Sites with Yahoo Aabaco?
You don't have to look far on the internet to discover the vast number of people who are having trouble
with the changeover from
Yahoo SiteBuilder to the replacement Aabaco SiteBuilder.

I was one of them.
I downloaded the Upgrade as recommended, and although it installed it would not
run. So I kept on with the original Yahoo SiteBuilder until my old user name and password were no longer
allowed to publish new files. Was I frustrated ... you bet that I was!

The result was that I stopped building my web pages for a couple of months. I was not a happy little

I searched the internet for a solution, but found none, not even on the Aabaco web site. However I did
discover that a vast number of Aabaco customers were having the same problem.

Proposed Solutions  (which I tried in this order)

1) If you have a second computer, download the new Aabaco SiteBuilder on to it.
You will need to import your existing site after the download.

However the problem arises when you create a new site and upload it with your new user name and
password ... even when you
rename it from index.html it still becomes your NEW HOMEPAGE. Your
original home page (
index.html) is wiped from the face of the earth. All of your links back to
your original home page will show as the new site which you have just created and published!

WOW! How do I get my original HomePage back? You may well ask.

Step One: I went into my file manager on the Aabaco Web Hosting Site and immediately deleted the web
page which I had just uploaded via YahooAabaco SiteBuilder. My original HOMEPAGE was
not restored
straight away as I expected, instead there was a much earlier version.

Step Two: In Yahoo Aabaco Sitebuilder, open your original index.html page and publish it again.
Absolutely every file will be restored and your original HomePage updated. Hooray, everything is back to
normal ... except that I still can't publish!

Step Three: Follow the instructions for 2) below. Then transfer a copy of the back-up file to your second
. Continue to follow the instructions in 2) below and yes, SiteBuilder works!

2) Using your original computer, locate your updated "SiteBuilder" folder.
(Mine was stored in "My Documents". You may need to do a search to find the location of yours.)
Do not confuse this with your old "Yahoo SiteBuilder" folder ... which is probably empty.

This one is named "SiteBuilder"
because I had already downloaded the Aabaco SiteBuilder Update as
explained in Line 3 of the introduction.

Make a
back-up copy on for example a USB. You can also make a copy to your desk top for
Open the folder. Mine has eleven icons in the folder.

click on sitebuilder.jar Executable Jar File. (Mine is 19,208KB)
This will load up your SiteBuilder.

And here comes the big surprise ... it works!

You can now create and publish new sites using your new user name and password (the same as for
your Aabaco sign in to their web hosting site) AND your original
index html HomePage remains in tact. It
does not disappear from the face of the earth!

Note: When you begin to create your new web site in SiteBuilder open a text box and type in HOME and
link this word to your home page. Save and then preview in browser. This gives you peace of mind that
your original HomePage is still there.


The next time I clicked on sitebuilder.jar Executable Jar File the programme loaded as "Aabaco Small
Business SiteBuilder".

3) Uninstall your original Yahoo SiteBuilder programme from your original computer.

This proposed solution would need to be done BEFORE downloading the Aabaco SiteBuilder.

However before you uninstall you must create a back-up, for example, on a USB. Just in case!
(Mine was stored in "My Documents". You may need to do a search to find the location of yours.)

download the new YahooAabaco SiteBuilder.
It should start working straight away, but if it doesn't then go to suggestion 2.

I had done a similar procedure on recommendation from the "Yahoo SiteBuilder" team a few years ago
when my sites stopped uploading. I was told that it needed refreshing. It worked straight away, but even
then it was a leap of faith...